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Big superannuation funds reluctant to value agriculture investments are encouraged to buy into water trade instead

Blue Sky Water Partners managing director Kim Morison says because water is so scarce, and demand for food is growing, the investment is sound. “Tree crops that at the moment are performing extremely well are things like almonds and walnuts, with demand from Asia with higher per capita wealth. “The three-year drought in California, which produces 80 per cent of the world supply ,has enabled Australia to capture that market.”



Blue Sky banking on Brisbane

Blue Sky Alternative Investments is banking on the strength of Brisbane’s inner-city apartment market with 1000 units in the pipeline across 13 projects. The ASX-listed group, which has $700 million in assets under management, won approval last week to develop the $33m, 10-storey Archive tower in Woolloongabba, on Brisbane’s southside.



Start-up upstarts feed local appetite for venture capital success

Elaine Stead, the investment director at Blue Sky, said the approach of giving a start-up $1m and sending them off to the US might seem unusual, but has long been in the business plan. “They need to be in the biggest market for their product,’’ Stead says.



Nitpickers rejoice as lice is licked thanks to Aussie invention

Hatchtech chief executive Hugh Alsop said the revolutionary treatment worked in an entirely different way from current ones, hardening the external skeletons of the lice and eggs so they die when they can’t shed their skin.



$3m injection for skin device

A “DISRUPTION” in the market for financing medical devices has allowed local venture capital funds to bring a second company from the US to Australia ahead of full commercialisation.