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HeyLets, our Blue Sky Venture Capital portfolio company has been featured by Apple as one of the ‘Best New Apps’!

“Wooooohooooo! We’ve been featured by Apple as one of the ‘Best New Apps’! Your beautiful self, amazing experiences and solid app feedback have helped make this happpen! So pat yourself on the back… you’re part of our founding community and have paved the way for people to better discover great things to do – no matter where they are in the world! Also, be sure to share HeyLets with your friends. Nothing’s better than having your pals share their recommendations for you to wishlist and remember. Cheers!” – The HeyLets Team



Blue Sky expects to reach $2b by 2017

Alternative investment manager Blue Sky expects to hit $2 billion in assets under management by 2017, after the fund manager cleared the $1 billion hurdle earlier this year.



Blue Sky declares first close for its second venture capital fund

Blue Sky Venture Capital has declared first close for its venture capital fund (VC2014) with more than $15 million in committed capital.



Time to be alternative … like everybody else

Regular readers of the financial press will know the wealthiest ­investors increasingly have a high proportion of their portfolios in so-called alternative investments. Similarly the nation’s strongest institutional investors use this form of investing to increase ­returns. The Future Fund, for ­example, has more than a third of its holdings in alternatives. One reason for this allocation is that on almost all long-term valuation metrics, traditional asset classes look expensive, with equity markets expensive relative to earnings, and bond yields at historic lows. These abnormal circumstances have persisted for so long they are beginning to be viewed as normal.



Global investment giants ride the education wave to student housing

A wave of investment in student housing is expected in Australia as developers seek to fill a supply shortfall in which there are 1.2 million students enrolled but only 54,000 purpose built student bedrooms available.