Blue Sky Alliance Fund (ARSN 140 253 685)

The Investment Manager has developed a suite of products with a range of return profiles that are designed to help investors meet their particular investment goals with a particular focus on protecting portfolios in times of crisis. This provides investors with the flexibility to select the product that is best suited to their individual circumstances.

Using historical volatility data of previous investment returns, the Investment Manager is able to estimate the risk of each asset in each Portfolio. The Investment Manager is then able to construct a portfolio to fit the volatility target by blending different investment assets, financial instruments and strategies to achieve the investment objectives of the Absolute Return, Real Return and Dynamic Macro Portfolios.

The Investment Manager is able to select the investments and instruments that it considers will maximise the return of the Portfolio, but must do so within the constraints of each Portfolio. This allows the Investment Manager to design a more efficient portfolio in terms of risk and return than may be achieved if the Investment Manager used more vanilla investment strategies within tighter constraints.

The benefit arises because the Investment Manager is able to select only those investments that are anticipated to be strong performers and is able to structure a more diversified mix of investments.

Blue Sky Investment Science Asset Management Pty Ltd (‘BSISAM’) (ABN 79 122 617 083) is the Investment Manager for the Hedge Fund Division of Blue Sky Alternative Investments Limited (‘BSAIL’) (ABN 73 136 866 236).

Before investing in the Blue Sky Alliance Fund ARSN 140 253 685 (‘Fund’), investors should consider the risks associated with an investment in the Fund and these are disclosed in the Product Disclosure Statement (‘PDS’), dated September 6th, 2016.

Please click here to download the PDS for information on the risks and for further strategy and other information on the Fund.

This fund was ranked based on the data in BarclayHedge's Managed Futures Database

Blue Sky Alliance Fund PDS


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