Blue Sky Venture Capital specialises in providing both late stage venture capital and early expansion capital to Australian companies to help support their growth.

Blue Sky Venture Capital currently has investments in companies across a broad range of industries, including e-commerce, consumer technology, medical devices and specialty pharmaceuticals.

Blue Sky Venture Capital takes a technology and industry agnostic approach and invests in a diverse and balanced portfolio of venture capital opportunities.

Typically, these opportunities will meet most of the following characteristics:

  • be rapidly growing Australian-based businesses in the ‘late VC/early expansion’ stage of development;
  • have management teams with proven track records;
  • have a sustainable competitive advantage that gives it the potential to become nationally and/or globally competitive in its sector;
  • provide Blue Sky Venture Capital with a meaningful equity stake with board representation and appropriate shareholder protections;
  • have an enterprise value of <$50 million;
  • be seeking between $0.5 million – $15 million in funding; and
  • an investment horizon of < 4 years.