Much is made of a company’s mission statement, its vision and its culture. For Blue Sky, that requires a global view, honesty and transparency in how we think as well as a long term commitment to each other, our investors, and our investment partners. Mission statements are not enough.

Our culture needs to permeate everything that we do, and this in turn must be founded on beliefs and values that extend beyond the usual marketing documents generated by corporate strategy departments.

These are the principles that drive how we think about life, about the challenges we encounter, and will help guide us as we continue to develop the company we have built.

As an investment manager, it is absolutely critical these principles are in place and well understood, not only by our team but by our investors, our investees, and our various partners.


We value our people, capital and reputation.

Without our team, we don’t have a business. We are the custodians of our investors’ capital. We foster the values of integrity, respect, trust and openness in everything we do.

Our goal is to preserve and grow capital for our shareholders and investors.

We work hard to preserve and grow the capital entrusted to us. Our people collectively own significant equity in the business and invest heavily in its funds, which aligns the interests of our employees and our shareholders and investors.

We have a relentless focus on outcomes.

We seek out those people that deliver and can be trusted to do what they say they’ll do. We demonstrate the quality of persistence to consistently deliver outcomes to our shareholders and investors and each other. The last thing we are seeking is mediocrity that can be easily replaced.

Empathy is the key to our success.

We stress the importance of empathy for our investors, for the people we partner with, for our service providers, and for each other and the things we are all going through in our lives. Empathy allows us to be the best we can be – for our investors, our partners and our team members.

We use productive decision making and implementation.

When a decision is made, we do not second guess it. We debate without ego, we make a decision, we decide who will implement the decision, and then we execute. And we do everything to the max. This is driven by the fact we are in the business of risk and reward. As custodians of our investors’ money we strive to maximise our chances of a reward for our investors, while at the same time minimising whatever risks we can control.